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How we help

Relief Grants

Grant recipient in Zimbabwe

We are the only agency in the UK making grants specifically to individual prisoners of conscience both in exile in the UK and overseas.

We co-operate with over 50 different referral agencies such as human rights organisations, refugee groups, community organisations, colleges or solicitors to distribute relief funds to beneficiaries.

Our grants are modest – up to £350 per person – and cover life-sustaining items such as food, clothing, furniture, non-prescription drugs etc. Other grants cover medical treatment, travel costs, family reunion costs, education, counselling and rehabilitation for torture survivors, requalification costs and resettlement costs.

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Bursaries Fund

Bursary grant recipients

We are also able to allocate funds to help eligible individuals with larger educational grants specifically for post-graduate and professional conversion courses through our Bursaries Fund. Since the inception of the scheme, we have awarded over 150 bursaries totalling nearly £700,000.

Bursary grants are much larger than our normal relief grants, but initially we were able to fund them with the help of a generous legacy. Since then several ongoing donations from individuals and charitable trusts have enabled us to continue the programme.

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