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Emergency Fund for Burma

Burmese refugees in Mae Sot. Credit: Timothy Syrota

After the recent dramatic events in Burma with the sham election and the release of Aung San Suu Kyi we have launched an Emergency Fund for Burma to help the 2,203 political prisoners who still remian behind bars.  It is vital that we do not forget these brave men and women who are experiencing unimaginable cruelty and deprivation just for campaigning for human rights and democracy.

To hear first-hand what its like to be a political prisoner in Burma you can watch some of our short films where ex-prisoners describe what they endured.

If you have been moved by these recent events please consider making a donation to our Emergency Fund for Burma.


The Big Give 2010 ‘Double you Donation’ initiative which also focused on Burma is now closed.  We are very happy to report that between 6th and 8th December 2010 we raised £5,377 through the Big Give website which was then matched to make a total of £10,754!

This is a huge boost to our Emergency Fund and we are extremely grateful to everyone who helped us during the Big Give.