New beginning for a Cameroonian family in the UK – Kevin’s story

Published by Rachael Tyndall on

Kevin, a politically active journalist from Cameroon, sought refuge in the UK after being constantly targeted by government authorities for his work. He has been arrested, detained and tortured numerous times for exposing and criticising the government. Being a member of a non-violent, self-determination organisation advocating for the independence of the former British Southern Cameroons, Kevin used to write about the victimisation and killing of members, among other human rights violations committed by state authorities.

With the help of generous supporters, PoC was able to fund Kevin’s MSc in NGO and Development Management, equipping him with the skills and confidence to stand on his own feet and rebuild his life in the UK. Kevin, grateful for the support he received from PoC, said ‘The prisoner of conscience bursary transformed my life entirely by helping me to study and obtain the skills and knowledge through which I am employed today and can support my family. It changed my life in a totally dark and uncertain period in UK. I will never forget.’