Prisoners of Conscience does not deal directly with individuals but only with approved organisations that apply to us on behalf of individuals.

You can ask your solicitor to make an application or you can contact the many local Citizens Advice Bureaux who may apply to us on your behalf. If you are in touch with any other refugee organisations or official bodies, you could also ask them to make an application. If you do not know of any organisation who might be able to assist you, please contact us; and we will try to help.

Prisoners of Conscience provides grants, pending Trustees’ approval, to individuals and families who have been persecuted for their conscientiously-held beliefs. We do not help anyone who has used or advocated violence or has been a member of a violent organisation.

When you speak to somebody at the referral agency, please let them know you have read about us on our website, and ask them to make an application to us on your behalf. They can contact us for more information on our application process.