Our hardship relief grants provide the funds needed to cover basic necessities for prisoners of conscience. Many of these people have had to flee their home, been forced from their job and may have to continue to try to support their family.

These emergency grants cover items such as food, living expenses, accommodation, furniture, travel and medicines in the UK and overseas. 

In 2018, we gave more than 50 hardship relief grants totalling over £25,000.

Read more about some of the people we have helped with hardship relief grants: 

Other grants programmes

We also provide grants under specific programmes, which focus on particularly disadvantaged groups of people around the world.  Examples of these include:

Journalist programme

We support journalists in countries where the free press is under threat and they are being persecuted as a result of their work. For journalists who have had to flee their home country, it can be difficult and lengthy to get work permits in the host countries. Providing these human rights defenders with flexible financial support not only helps them and their families, but also supports the political development of the whole region and counters oppressive regimes. Read more about our work with journalists defending human rights here.

Persecuted minorities in Pakistan

The minority religions in Pakistan constitute 5% of the population and include Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Ahmedi, Parsi and Baha’i. These populations face incidents of discrimination and we provide specific funds to help those facing this persecution.